Premier Design-Build Aluminum Guardrails and Balcony Manufacturer



Our aluminum guardrails, balconies, canopies and sunshades are tailored to your project needs. We pull all stops to fulfill your requirements.


Fireball Fab offers experienced professionals in design, engineering, CAD, and manufacturing.


We ensure that every product we fabricate for you is of the highest standard. Fireball Fab ensures durability, quality and of your product.

Project Management

Fireball Fab offers a design-build process that manages your project from design and engineering through to manufacturing.

Why Choose Us

High Quality Control

Each of our products is manufactured in a controlled setting with top scheduling conditions to maintain a high quality standard.

On Time Delivery

After taking your product order & starting the fabrication process, we ensure that we deliver your order in time for you to install.

Customer Based Approach

Our priority is our clients, which is why we take a customer-first approach and follow up on the work we do for you as well.

Customized Solutions

No matter what you desire to install, we ensure that you get a tailored product built to cater to your specific needs.